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Looking for young dancers to join the Italianettes!

Attention Moms and Dads:

tarantella dancer

Bring your kids to join the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans' children dance troupe, called the Italianettes! The Italianettes are under direction by Oliva Greco. Young boys and girls learn to dance traditional Italian dances and perform at the Columbus Day Parade and at various JCCIA and Organization Events. Participants age range from 5 to 14.

tarantella dancer

The Italianette classes and practices are on designated Saturday mornings, beginning at 10:00AM. Children will practice for one hour. Classes and practices will be held in the Casa Italia Chandelier Room, located at 3800 Division Street, Stone Park, Illinois 60165.

Contact Olivia Greco at (708) 860-6298 or for more information or to register your child.

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