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Italian Language Program 

The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans offers a variety of Italian Language Classes through the Italian Cultural Center at Casa Italia.

Children's classes run for about 30 weeks, from September 2022 to May 2023. The JCCIA offers children classes for the following levels:

Explortory - (children between 5-7 years old)

Beginning - (students 8-12 years old)

Intermediate and Advanced - (students 12-14 years old)

We are currently planning to host all of the children's classes in-person. We will continue to take saftey precautions at each location to help ensure the well-being of all students and staff members.

Adult classes run for 16 weeks, in the Fall of 2022, classes begin Monday, October 17. The JCCIA offers adult classes at levels Beginning 1, 2, and Avdanced 1, as well as a Conversational Italian class.

At this time, only one of our adult class will take place in-person at the Italian Cultural Center.

To view our 2022-2023 class schedule and information click here

Textbooks are required for most classes, please visit for more information needed

to purchase textbooks, or to register for classes.

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