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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

Relevant literature, articles, and links about Christopher Columbus:

The National Columbus Education Foundation website:

"The National Columbus Education Foundation is born to defend the memory of Colombo" by News1.


Christopher Columbus Celebration

Photo: Schoolchildren on parade during the Columbus celebrations in New York City, December 10, 1892. (from William J. Connell article)

"What Columbus Day Really Means" by By William J. Connell:

“Christopher Columbus’s voyage to America was the most significant event in human history.” - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Read more of "DR. TYSON VS. THE COLUMBUS HATERS" from the Italic Institute of America, here:


The Italic Institute of America: "Guardian of the Italian Heritage" (

Christopher Columbus Statue

The Christopher Columbus statue in Arrigo Park in Chicago's Little Italy neighborhood on Oct. 7, 2017. (Alyssa Pointer / Chicago Tribune)

Michael A. Santo, P.C., Attorney at Law, shares an important document on "How to Address Issues As to Columbus Statues & Monuments".

Santo not only discusses the purpose and origin of Columbus Day but also outlines the false narratives that must be understood and rejected. Santo's extensive footnote section equipped with links to news articles as well as reputable academic scholars and authors is a must-read as well.

Link to document here.

Courage and Conviction

The True Story of Christopher Columbus

Produced by the Knights of Columbus and National Columbus Education Foundation

Courage and Conviction: The True Story of Christopher Columbus is a thorough examination of the life and legacy of the fearless discoverer of America. This film provides insight into Christopher Columbus' remarkable genius as a sea navigator as well as his deep desire to bring all nations to Christ. Through expert interviews and archival footage, we look at the origins of Columbus Day and the symbolic role that Columbus has for Catholic immigrants, especially Italian Americans. Finally, the film addresses the current indictments against Christopher Columbus with boldness and exposes the motive behind the attacks of revisionist historians. This film shows why Christopher Columbus remains not only a man worthy of admiration, but a noble icon of what it means to be a Catholic and an American.


Important Dates

The documentary will air Columbus Day weekend on EWTN with two separate showings:

Sunday, October 11 at 10:00 p.m.

Monday, October 12 at 6:30 p.m.

*Note, after the documentary airs on EWTN it will be available for on Demand viewing via



*Note website will not go live until after second EWTN airing.

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