Columbus Day

The JCCIA welcomes everyone to join in the 2021 Columbus Day Parade held Monday, October 11 on State Street.


The Columbus Day celebration is a rich tradition in the Chicago Italian American Community.


The day starts with 9 A.M. mass at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, 1244 Lexington Avenue, Chicago.


Immediately following mass is a wreath-laying ceremony in Arrigo Park.


Then the parade kicks off at 1:00 P.M. at the corner of State Street and Wacker Drive.


ABC7's broadcasts the parade.

Click here to read the 2021 Parade Chairpersons, the Sanfilippo Family, Sponsorship Letter.

Click here for the bus schedule from Casa Italia.


Round Trip Bus $10 per seat.

2021 Columbus Day Parade BUS details $10 updated Reservations a MUST 9.24.2021.jpg