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Attilio Scolaro: The Italian American Dream Series as told by his daughter, Lyn Scolaro. Lyn takes us through the story of her family who hails from the Veneto region of Italy.

Learn about Frank DiPiero's family from Palermo + Abruzzo, Italy, and their connection with Columbus Day. Not only does Frank give us real stories of his family's relationship with the holiday but also a great sense of pride in being Italian.

John Cavallone shares stories of his great grandparents' journey to America from Sassano, Italy, and their contribution to Chicago's Italian Community!

Do you know someone with a compelling story about achieving the Italian American Dream? The JCCIA is compiling Oral Histories, a video series, telling stories of the Italian journey to America. If you or your loved ones would like to share their story, please fill out the form below. Our team will contact them and to set up an interview for this project ahead of Columbus Day!