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Back The Blue Rally-Grant Park

Address by Ron Onesti

President, National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame

Vice-President, Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans

July 25, 2020 “Back The Blue” Rally, Grant Park

I am here today representing the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans, the National Italian American Sports Hall of Game and the Italian American Police Association.

This is a day of remembrance. Remembrance of all those officers who have given their lives for the call of duty, and in particular, those who were injured on this very spot one week ago.

This is a day of gratitude, to those unselfish and brave individuals who get up every day to do a job, knowing that they may not return later that night.

And this is a day of support, to those men and women in blue who look in the face of danger and stare it down, so that our first amendment rights may be preserved.

Just as accountability is of the utmost importance today, so too must appreciation be given the same attention.

This is a scary time for everyone, but faith, courage and brotherhood will prevail. Officers, just know that there are many who value what you do, who you are, and what you represent. We thank you and your families for making a career of serving and protecting the people of this great city.

Yes, this great city. We will get through this together as we rise to the top as being the greatest city in the world, once again. Chicago is, and will always be, my kind of town.

And to you, our beloved men and women who live by the words character, heart, integrity and bravery, we salute you, we stand behind you, and may god bless you each and every day.

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