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Helping Hands: JCCIA Covid-19 Chicago Relief Fund Update

Immediate Past President of the JCCIA, Enza Raineri (right), representing President Sergio Giangrande, along with Alderman Nicholas Sposato (center) of the 36th Ward in Chicago, donated a check to the St. Cyprian Food Pantry represented by Joan Billingham, Executive Director (left) in the Dunning neighborhood of Chicago.  The funds were donated to help families and individuals affected by the Covid-19 pandemic due to loss of job or reduction in work hours, making it hard to put food on the table. "JCCIA is proud to help St. Cyprian in their mission to help everyone in their community during this pandemic," said Enza Raineri. "Sustaining basic needs such as providing meals during this time is key in every community, especially for the homebound and families who are homeschooling."

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