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JCCIA Challenges CPS

JCCIA Challenges CPS

The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans is challenging Chicago Public School's decision to cancel Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day.

One of CPS's very own schools founded in 1886 is named after Columbus. (Read more about the school below).

We urge Chicago Public School to discuss this decision further with the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans. Columbus Elementary School (1003 North Leavitt Street, Chicago) History, from their website:

"Christopher Columbus Elementary School was named after the explorer. While controversy surrounds this man, it cannot be denied that he was courageous, an adventurer, and a man who beat the odds to discover new land. Our students strive to emulate the positive characteristics of an explorer: bravery, intelligence, persistence, and determination.Columbus Elementary School was founded in 1886. The current building was built in 1910. The playground was added about twelve years ago."

Photo from 2019 Columbus Day Parade participants: Columbus Elementary School (Chicago)#JCCIA #italianamericans #columbusday #chicagopublicschools

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