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Italian American Educational Resources

The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans in partnership with the New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission is excited to provide curriculum resources for all grades, K-12. The curriculum was created by the New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission which was inducted by state law. The lesson plans are free to use. These resources are not only great for October, National Italian Heritage Month but also literacy for younger grades, history, lessons on the holocaust, and racism in immigration and media. As this was commissioned by the New Jersey state legislature, the lessons have New Jersey state standards attached. Please feel free to share and add Illinois state standards. We are collectively proud to offer lesson plans that benefit all students which highlight aspects of Italian culture and history.

We would love to know how you are using these lessons. Please email Third Vice President, Cav. Uff. Lyn "Linda" Scolaro at and Education Committee member, Diana Hartman, to let them know how the lessons worked for you and your students!

Check out all of the resources on our dedicated webpage:

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