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2020 St. Joseph's Table Celebration

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

JCCIA's St. Joseph's Table, March 11, 2020 at the Old Neighborhood Italian American Club.

In partnership with the Honorable Patrick Daley Thompson, Alderman of the 11th Ward, the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans (JCCIA) hosted a St. Joseph's Table event at the Old Neighborhood Italian American Club on March 11, 2020. A civic and cultural celebration once enjoyed during the Honorable Richard M. Daley’s tenure as Mayor of Chicago. Alderman Thompson spoke of his Uncle, Mayor Daley, and this time honored tradition as well as his own Italian American heritage.

Honorable Patrick Daley Thompson, Alderman of the 11th Ward speaks at the JCCIA's St. Joseph's Table celebration.

Enza Raineri, Chair of the St. Joseph's Table celebration shared:

"The beloved tradition of the St. Joseph table is traditionally celebrated March 19th, and around that date for a period of two weeks or so. Many churches and community centers around Chicago and the United States will have St. Joseph Tables lovingly assembled by members of the Italian American community.
In particular, the Sicilian community from which this tradition was born. And of which I am proud to say I am a member of that history, with my family having immigrated to the United States from Sicily in the mid-1950s.
Today, we bring back this time-honored tradition as the civic, cultural event once enjoyed during the administration of former Mayor Richard M. Daley. It was appropriate to bring this event back to where it was born, in this community. I want to thank Captain D, Peter Scalise of ONAIC and Alderman Patrick Thompson for their tremendous support making this event a reality. A very special thanks to all of our sponsors, you can see them listed here today as you entered. I will be talking more about them later today."

Enza Raineri, Chair of the St. Joseph's Table speaking at the St. Joseph's Table event.

Sponsorship opportunities were available and a donation to charity was made with sponsorship funds, to St. Jerome Croatian Catholic Church in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, where the event was held.

We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals who made this event possible:

Special thanks to the Honorable Patrick Daley Thompson Albanese Family

Allegretti’s Bakery

Bongi Construction

Connie’s Pizza

Club Lucky

Cucina Biagio’s

Fabulous Freddie’s Italian Eatery

Franco’s Ristorante

Dominic & Marianna Gambino & Family

Sergio & Lisa Giangrande & Family

Giovanni & Maria Gullo & Family

Ron Onesti

Anthony Onesto

Pacella Trucking

John Panvino, Trattoria Poretta

Joe & Giuseppe Ristorante

Joseph & Fred Pecoraro, Sicilia Bakery

Honorable Angelo “Skip” Saviano

Village President of Elmwood Park

Peter Scalise

Rosanne Sorrentino, Sorrentino & Company

Michael Tadin, President, Marina Cartage, Inc.

Tony’s Fresh Market

Turano Bakery

Volare Ristorante

Thank you to our elected officials/candidates for your sponsorship!

Michael Cashman, ONIAC member

Candidate for MWRD Commissioner

Punch #122

Honorable Michael Cabonargi

Chair, Cook County Board of Review

Candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Punch #148

Honorable Jesse G. Reyes

Appellate Court Justice, First District

Candidate for Illinois Supreme Court

Punch #161

View more photos from the event here.

Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and guests for a very successful St. Joseph's Table celebration!

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